Paint Regen

44. 90

Eliminateur abrasions Paint Regen stripes 100 ml disappear quickly and easily scratches and gouges of your car or motorcycle with the time, repeat patterns, the change of seasons, the inconvenience of everyday life, Micro scratches appear on your vehicle, it is inevitable. The cancellation of scratches Paint Regen will allow you to erase these micro scratches easily. Repair your car yourself and this without tools: Apply the Paint Regen on the surface and wait a few minutes. The formula is made up of millions of micro-particles which fills in scratches and makes them disappear. The foam head is perfectly adapted to all surfaces and allows you to fix all kind of scratches. Useful and practical you can store it away in the glove box of your car. Paint Regen is for the manual scratches. It is easy to apply. Shake the bottle, apply the product directly on the scratches, remove the excess liquid with a microfibre cloth, and has stripe. Save repairs on your car. Use 1 - Clean the surface to be treated with a cloth 2 - Shake the tube before use 3 - Apply thanks to its 4 foam head - Leave for few minutes. Please note that this product is effective against all micro scratches or scrapes.