Insta Sharp

49. 90

Sharpen the knife by itself in seconds! The Insta Sharp Professional Knife Sharpener It is made of super strong wolfram steel. Sharpening requires minimal effort! It works for any knife, including serrated blades. Insta Sharp will be your only sharpener for life! The instrument is made with German patented technology. The clamping levers are made of a sturdy material: Wolfram carbide. This instrument is not corrosive, thanks to a special protective layer. The Sharp Knife Sharpener can sharpen and polish knives of any complexity, scissors, screwdrivers, and trimmers! The sharpener has a special non-slip coating. Knife sharpening with Insta Sharp goes through several movements and therefore this instrument is irreplaceable in a professional kitchen where every minute counts. The unique grip system accommodates itself under the surface and therefore the device can even be used for knives with wavy blades.