Air Space Desk

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Air Space Desk is the ultra-lightweight, extremely portable desk and table for your laptop, tablet, e-reader, magazine, jigsaw puzzle and even your dinner plate. You can take it from the living room sofa to the kitchen table, or from your favourite easy chair to the backseat of the car. With Air Space Desk, you can even stand up to work, which helps to take some pressure off your back and burn some calories. It's easy - just adjust the height and angle to your desired position. Now, your device is exactly where you want it. Air Space Desk is designed with other handy features, like the whisper quiet cooling fan, just plug it into any USB port. It will keep your device from overheating. Air Space Desk also features a slip-resistant surface that keeps everything in place, whether it's working on your laptop, or enjoying a TV dinner, the Air Space Desk will keep whatever is on top secure. Plus, the expandable lip holds tight even when you angle your device. You'll get the perfect position every time!