Starlyf Sofa Cover

59. 90

Starlyf Sofa Cover is the sofa protector that will make your couch look like new. Eat on it, play with your kids on it, pet your pets on it and forget about stains. With this sofa cover your couch is always protected! The secret of Starlyf Sofa Cover is its technology, which uses organic fluoropolymers for great results. If your couch stains, cleaning it is hard, and chemical cleaning products are too aggressive. With Starlyf Sofa Cover if anything spills on it you´ll have plenty of time to remove your cover before the liquid seeps through. It's practically a waterproof sofa cover! It doesn´t matter what size or style your couch is, Starlyf Sofa Cover´s three sizes adapt to any couch, whatever style! Armchairs, two-seaters and even three-seater couches are no problem! And since it´s reversible, it´s like having two couches for the price of one. Choose the color that best fits your house. Moreover, you can use it as a dog sofa cover: protect your sofa from your favourite pet! Sofas eventually wear out and deteriorate. New couches are expensive, but with Starlyf Sofa Cover you can renew the look of your old sofa for very little money. They fit perfectly over your sofas, but you still have the comfort of the old sofas. The design of the Starlyf Sofa Cover has a wide back that fits perfectly on any couch and prevents it from slipping off. It also includes protection for your armrests.